Live is a Gift!

We are each uniquely divine with uniquely divine gifts

We have all been conditioned since birth with all kinds of limiting beliefs

Our passion guides us to our highest expression of life

We are fully equipped, just as we are now, to live our greatest passion

There is a dream that lives inside of you, a dream totally unique to you. It is your calling, your path to greater union with the greatness within you.

You came here to live this divine calling fully and passionately, to be the perfect expression of who it is you most love to be. This dream is ready, right now, to come forward fully into your life.

Through divine inquiry, focused intent and insightful intuition, Joe assists you in gaining the clarity of your divine truth and embodying your greatest passion.

I am excited to support you in your journey of full expression. I see your magnificence and mirror it back to you. I ask questions to help you identify and move thru your blocks, split oppositions and fears. Intuition helps me reflect back to you who it is you most love to be, and how you are already that in your core.

Joe is an insightful guide in helping others move forward with passion and purpose. He has coached people from all walks of life, including CEO’s and youth at risk.

Joe is a spiritual guide and intuitive healer. He has coached thousands of people for the past twenty years. Thru his powerful coaching; in-person and over the phone, Joe assists you in moving quickly and easily into a profoundly direct and joyful relationship with life.

Your body is an Instrument of Divination; it always tells the truth of how you think and what you feel.

Thru clear inquiry we build resonance between the personality and the divinity within you. Your greatest passions and highest ideals merge and become a clear path of action.

“Thanks to Joe’s profoundly insightful coaching, I have opened up to a whole new level of understanding and joy within myself. Joe is uncompromising in his commitment to my success and fulfillment” – Dr. Steven Weiss, MD, Founder of Holistic Medicine Heals, Albuquerque, NM

“Joe is a powerful facilitator, an inspirational speaker and master healer – he is a passionate conduit of universal love. Upon individually processing with me, Joe looked into me with universal light, love, and intention like no other human has in this life time – reconnecting me with my source energy and bringing me back to my original self.” – Susan Auman, LCSW, CADC, Adjunct Faculty NEIU, IL Dept. of Human Services

“Joe is a master! He helped me recognize the true divinity within me and brought about immense inner growth.  He is compassionate, sincere, caring, wise and understanding and your experience with him will leave a mark of gratitude in your soul. Joe has a connection to the divine that draws the same out from each of us.”  – Matthew Ashdown, Speaker, Life Coach, Co-Creator of ‘The Gratitude Dance’

“Joe is one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met. His energy is vibrant and radiating.  His resounding YES to life is a reminder to us to see the beauty and miracles in everyday life. His humor and passion for life make his coaching memorable and impacting in a most positive way.” – Lauren Chaitoff, Actress & Founder of Yogi Beans, NY, NY

“Joe is a fun-loving, playful and inspiring guide. In under an hour he helped me release a severe food allergy of 11 years. ” – Samara AnjelaeTrance Medium, Author of 5 books, including “Angel Prayers” and “100 Ways to Attract Angels”