Custom Trips for Couples & Families:

I love the adventure of travel, and over the years, have several places I love to bring people. I’m delighted to offer private trips for couples and families to just about anywhere on this earth that you want to go! Some of my favorite spots include swimming with wild dolphins in the Bahamas, swimming with spinner dolphins and pilot whales in the Big Island of Hawaii, and kayaking with humpback whales in Maui.

Open Enrollment Trips:

Occasionally I offer open enrollment trips. These trips are for seasoned travelers who know how to band together for a fun adventure. We travel together as a pod of kindred adventurers and we collectively hold the space of  co-creation. If you know how to go with the flow, if you enjoy surprises and are relaxed with unforseen changes in itinerary due to outside events, if you get excited in the face of the unknown, you’re our kind of podmate!

A big piece of the magic of these trips is the collective energy we create by everyone taking responsibility for themselves and the group energy. Our intention is to have a fun, ecstatic, miraculous and transformational trip. How does this happen? By the way we show up and the space we hold together.

Pre-trip Interview:

If its your first trip with us, we set up a phone or skype interview to say hello, meet you and make sure this is the best adventure for you.