About (the longer version)

Seventh of eight kids, Joe Noonan grew up on a farm in New England. When he was 15, during a family counseling session over the suicide of his brother, he realized we are the custodians of our own reality and it is only our unconscious beliefs that limit us. This began a lifelong passion of inquiry. When he was 17, he was diagnosed with spastic colitis, (from the stress of life as a shy teenager) and after getting relief from an acupuncture treatment, he studied alternative healing methods and ultimately healed himself with acupressure, meditation and reflexology.

At the age of 23, in a desire to deepen his connection to nature, he built a log cabin and lived in the woods completely off the grid.

After a couple northern Maine winters, he moved to Boston and joined a Spiritualist church. Over the next decade he had a private healing practice, working as a hands-on healer in local churches and hospitals.

Realizing that the illnesses he was treating had their origins in our beliefs, he studied psychosynthesis and built a full-time private psychotherapy practice.

To balance his therapeutic work and maintain his love of Nature, he worked as a wilderness guide for several Outward Bound schools, leading hiking, canoeing and backpacking trips around the country.

In 1990 he started his own consulting company leading experiential based team-building programs to businesses, corporations and universities including Harvard, Cornell and MIT. He takes executive teams from Fortune 500 companies on leadership retreats around the world, including such adventures as climbing, rafting, sailing and swimming with dolphins and sharks.

In 1995, he had his first swim with a pod of wild dolphins and stepped out of the water a changed man. Since that time, he’s brought corporate groups and families from all over the world to swim with the wild dolphins in Hawaii and the Bahamas. He’s called the ‘Dolphin Whisperer‘ for the way dolphins respond to him.

In 2008, he was invited to a retreat on Isle Royale and was was given the name ‘Nimbeesh’ aka ‘Merman’ by a group of Native American Elders, recognizing him as one of the Mer-people, those who are the bridge between the tribes of the land and the tribes of the sea.

A passionate advocate for the power of love, he has lead water ceremonies and celebrations at conferences and events around the world (5 continents and counting), empowering people to add their love and appreciation to the waters of our world.

7SKY Surf magazine: “So what attracts us to the ocean ? What are we looking for when we leave the shore and move towards vaster horizons ? Waterman Joebaby, living between the Bahamas and Hawaii, embodies the answer to these questions. Meeting him and diving deep into his mind and heart might very well trigger some of our deeper feelings of ‘longing’ and ‘belonging’. Read the interview here