Some fun videos from our adventures. Please watch, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Baby dolphin plays with us! Meet Romeo

It caught my eye, a brief flash of light, illuminating his belly as he rises from the deep…
2 and a half minutes of a whale song, from yesterday as i lay above him, feeling his song reverberate in my body… What does his song evoke in you?
During a 2 hour swim with a pod of 6 playful dolphins, they suddenly lined up and together scanned Ben in a most intense way!
This one for the infectious laughter – 17 seconds of joy as the stingrays mob Bonnie…
It was our last day on Maui, our flight was leaving in a few hours. We were out kayaking and had spent a couple hours with this friendly whale mom and her calf. They kept coming over to say hello. They were so friendly, we didn’t want to go. Then they came closer… Touching a baby whale and her mom
Sandy, a former stray, jumped off the dock and swam after me. I stopped the boat and pulled her aboard, it was the second time she did that. Then we went out and found the dolphins. She saw them and wanted to jump in, but was scared. So I got in first, then she mustered up all her courage and jumped in. She swam straight over to the dolphins! Sandy swims out to join the dolphins
It is rare to touch a wild dolphin. I only do it when they invite it. In this video, i hold my hand outstretched, and let the dolphin make the final move. You can feel her nervousness and excitement as she brushes up against my hand… How to touch a wild dolphin…

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