Impending Storm

Once again find myself on a small island in the face of a big storm. Is it crazy to confess I feel lucky? I’ve tired writing about it, lots of words but not the gist of it. So i gave up and wrote this, and cried while writing…(PS: I am safe and not in danger)


I am restless, impatient…

The storm is coming, I can feel it…

Days I have been preparing,

Closing shutters, buying food, standing in lines…

All the while, tensions building…

Soon you will be here, hurry!

Splash me, soak me, grab me with your tempest tossed arms, twirl me

And like a leaf, I promise

to surrender, to be pulled, sucked, lifted…

The body sways, the arms move

Belying the journey of our rising, embracing, becoming

Hurry up and get here, take me, now, quickly, before

I drop into hesitation, fear, or even worse, distraction or indifference

I yearn, I ache, I scream to feel you all around me, engulfed, embodied…

So I can lose myself, disappear,

And together we race around, touching, tossing, licking, kissing, sucking and tasting

Everything; the trees, the stones, the roofs and sea and shore,

Stirring, shaking, waking…

I am here, beloved, waiting

with open arms, already feeling you

Roaming, knocking down the dead trees and limbs inside me,

Tearing out the old and useless

Ripping away that which I still cling to, unknowingly

Scour me, beloved, strip away the illusion, the dressing, the ideas and stories I’ve cherished

Blow, shake, rattle, sweep and wash away

everything that I am not

So that when you go,

and the seas calm

and the sun comes back out

there is a piece of me

in everything

© Joebaby