Corona Breathing Exercise – 10 breaths 3x a day

One quick and easy way to strengthen the body is with the breath. Here is a simple breathing exercise you can begin now:

  • Breath in slow and deep, imagining your lungs filling with oxygen
  • Breath out easily, releasing any stress
  • Count your breaths with your fingers (give them something to do instead of touching your face!)

Check out a video of this exercise here

Benefits of breathing exercises include:

  • Greater blood flow
  • Reducing stress
  • Strengthening the body and lungs

As you do this exercise, imagine all of us breathing together with you. This will:

  • Help you feel more supported
  • Give you encouragement
  • Build a collective pool of wellbeing to tap into

I’m doing this more than three times a day, more like hourly. I feel less stressed about coronavirus, and am more energized and optimistic. Please let me know if you find this helpful, and send me a response!