Joe Noonan

I’m a nature lover and a nature advocate; I think many of the problems of the modern world are remedied by time spent in nature.

Ever since I was a kid growing up on a farm, I’ve been passionate about nature. Even now, whenever I feel bored, overwhelmed or upset, I go outside. I walk, look around, and inevitably my attention shifts from my problems (and my story about them) to the world around me. The chatter in my head quiets and once again, I find myself happy, present, alive!

In the decades since my humble barnyard beginnings, I’ve had careers as a healer, therapist, corporate consultant, wilderness guide and dolphin whisperer. A big part of my success in all these endeavors is that i would bring people into nature to do our work.

Everyone relaxes, everyone has fun, everyone feels rejuvenated. Including me. Nature has become the joyful embodiment of Life; an incredible partner and ally on this journey. I feel super lucky and blessed to be able to share the gifts of nature with others, and am excited to share them with you.

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